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Novelist in Banning


This story is about a junior high school student who receives nothing but A's. The smart kid wouldn't help his classmate with homework but ended up in jail. How could this happen to such a smart kid?


Which Way Should I Go?

Which Way Should Go? is an inspiring autobiography of a woman who seemingly couldn't find love and love could not find her. In this book, you will witness the author's heartfelt moments of pain, loneliness, and her battle with the fear of being around people as the thought of death hounded her for years. A poor and confused child, Evelyn constantly questioned, "Where is that God I hear so much about and why isn't He helping me to know the way I should go? Which Way Should I Go? will take you on a journey toward wholeness and healing as you share in the life of Minister Evelyn Anderson.


Nana’s Place

Nana's Place is about kids trying to get to Nana's Town Kid Zone where everything is free. Getting to Nana's house wasn't an easy task, yet no one could see them once they got into the red wagon. Come take a ride to Nana's Place.