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Community Events

This community event was founded by Evelyn Anderson a long time residence of Banning, California she is an author of many different styles of books. Her professional background includes being a licensed foster parent for over 8 years, a medical administrative assistant, and minister of the gospel since 2000. She loves people and is a great listener.

This community event came together in 2016 with Glynis Sheppard. She is an active member of Team Endeavor. She is also a veteran with a local insurance business. Her background includes teaching and youth foster care.

Both women enjoy the creative outlet of event planning and acknowledge the responsibility of giving men, women, and children a chance to receive what's needed in life through generous donation.

As of January 2016, Evelyn and Glynis will be working together in the community our group will be volunteering our own time with community organizations to bring life back to a dual or non-assistance of attention in the community by having talent shows, and giving away free food and free clothing to the less fortunate focusing in Riverside County.

Supported by:

Dr. Mary McBean founder of the National Alliance of Free Women. A 501.c3 company.

Assisted by:

Lorenzo, LaCobra, Patsy, Malcom & Jasmine, Kimberly & Betty

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