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Evelyn Anderson OF Banning

Welcome to my website. I am very delighted to be able to share with you, the reader, my confused life beginning as a child through adulthood. I'm hoping that when you read my life story, you will not judge me because we all have a past. Without the help of someone in our lives, we would not have achieved what we have today.

Without looking to the Lord for His strength and seeking His face (1 Chronicles 16:11), I wouldn't have made it. I would have been in a mental institution or walking the streets because of the kind of people and things I was exposed to.

Be encouraged! If you feel at times disheartened and discouraged, a simple movement toward God will renew your strength. Whatever God may demand of us, He will give us all the strength and courage that we need at that moment.


I was 8 years old when I caught myself fantasizing about becoming an author worldwide so I began to keep a daily diary of my life. 37 years later, here I am now publishing my first book which is my autobiography. I have many more books that I have written throughout the years that will soon be on shelves all across the world. I am very eager to provide books that everyone can love to read and I am confident that I will do just that.

In this book you will find heartfelt moments of pain and loneliness, times I was afraid of being around people, the thought of death pounding my brain for years, and stories of when I couldn't find love and love could not find me. I was a confused child, depressed about being poor who questioned herself. Why would people laugh at the situation and where is that God I hear so much about? Maybe we’re all dead and living in a horrible dream. There are millions of books out there for you to enjoy. This is why used my imagination to create books filled fantasy, yet based in reality.